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Tubes 85 - 87.

Tubes 1988

Tubes 89

Tubes 1990

Tubes 91

Tubes 1992 - mid 90s

Tubes Mid 90s - 2000

Tubes 2000 - 2013


Stories / Interviews


Walls - Early days








North London Walls.



Robbo                                                                                                      Shame 181, London Giantz - Queensbury


  Robbo (thanks Dom for the photo)


Shade                                                                                                                         Shade, Camden Lock ~ 1984


Robbo, Essex Road


Tufnell Park

Hall of fame in north London in a housing estates ball court. Popular with north London crews.




Seize, ST - 1987


 Sine                                                                                                                                   ST by Sine


Sine, ST outline (see piece above)                                                                                                                      Seize


Sine - So Tuff crew                                                                                                                     Total??


unfinished by Dare, DSK                                                                                           Kash by Sine, ST





Raule / Raze? by Sine ??                                                                                                    Rez








Furra, WD


DE by Dare DSK, Neat by Lerk (not South London Neat)



Sir Prime (Gawky & Loomit)



Worldomination by Drax & Seize


3 Corners - Farringdon

This playground based hall of fame was used in the late 80s and became a popular weekend meeting point in 1989/1990. 


Sprog                                                                                                                                        Eye Catchers        



London Giantz, Shame 181                                                                                                                                                          Cast




Fly Boys                                                                                                                          Street art by Polo 2 (Urge) - pic from Urge's flickr        


Unique, SFX


Rock                                                                                                                      Artz by Robbo


Zone 1, London Giantz







 few pics here from Mist's Flickr -


Robbo, WRH


Vinyl Junkies


Kis 42







Stab                                                                                                                                      Real


?                                                                                                                                          ?    


Cat(c)hers by Spel, eye Catchers, 1986                                                                                       Aspects, SFX


Girls                                                                                                                                          Haste



DLZ (Divine Lordz) by Coma                                                                                                    Beccy by ?




Judy by Shuto, Cen one


Spin                                                                                                                                      ?

Don, Fed, Cike


Fed, Cike, Mean


Snatch, Cheeba Wizards



Bode by Snatch                                                                                                                    


 Mean, SBS                                                                                                                                   Sak



 Shun, Sked?, Sed

Coke, New Wave Arts





Snatch - from Snatch's Flickr -


TRC by Skore                                                                                                            Skire


Skire, Busk



System from Wales                                                                                      Kal one CWS




                                                                                                                                                                         Cheeba Shun



She from Brighton                                                                                        Crymein



Score, Ten, TRC                                                                                                                      Kingz by ?



Buskire by Busk & Skire, 1989.                                                                        


Troubled Children by Score 204, TRC.




Ten, Skore 204 TRC




F Express by ?                                                                                                                              Seph (from York)

Ten by Ten & Skore


farringdon 3 corners 1989     farringdon 3 corners 1990

Stet                                                       Check


farrindon 3 corners 1990     farrindon 3 corners 1990     farringdon 3 corners 1990

Jenny by Melo                                                                                                          Busk


farringdon 3 corners 1990      farrindon 3 corners 1990        farringdon 3 corners 1990

Stupid, Reds 27                                      Kal 1, CWS                                                   TOP (Two Oh Phour) by Score 204

Above thumbnails from Buddz flickr - click to enlarge



Skore 204, TRC                                                                                                                  Pink, AWE


 Score 204, TRC                                                                                                    Dragonz by Shoom - from                                        



Zone by Osc, Best, Remo


Remoe                                                                                                                                                  R.I.P. 3 Corners

Walls - South London.



South East Vandals by The London Giantz.                                                 Wandsworth

Care by Fury 


Apartheid by Artful Dodger , Stockwell 1987



Brixton, 1986                                                                                                                  ? Brixton

Nuclear Free - Fuel, ITC - nr Brixton

Wandsworth Underpass



Hell Raisers by Prime, THR/WRH                                                                                                                   


The Hit Kidz (THK)


?                                                                                                                                            ?


Fresh                                                                                                                             UK


Hit by The Hit Kidz                                                                                                                 Kidz by The Hit Kidz

Cute by The Hit Kidz (THK)



Fase, Ease, 1986


                                                                                                                                                Cold Cash by Deck 





Mag 44 ~1987                                                                                                             


This site was in South east London next to the Thames and was an abandoned dock.


Immortal Stars by Prime, The Hell Raisers, 1986                                            Shame 181, London Giantz, 1986



Dread 1986                                                                                                  Jap 302, London Giantz, 1986


The Sure Thing by Tuf Arts ..Drome 2, Ceaz & Scarf.



Roc by Plazz & Drome 2, Tuff Arts, 1987.                                                                Crie by Crymein



Moe1, Crymein, Mid32,  1989.                                                                                           SWB (South Woolich Boys) - Fauve2, Moe1,  1989.


Crymein, Arcaw, - Assassins,  1989.



Battersea Park Venture Day

Battersea Park 1986



London Giants - possibly Shame 181 holding it up.



The Chrome Angelz, TCA - Mode 2 & Scribla. 


Scribla's alphabet T-shirt


Quest - Special Effects


Nonstop Arts - Fade 2, State Of Art, Cane 1



Deluxe by Mig


Chris / Jump 2 



Tags opposite Electric Avenue at Battersea Park venture day. 





Battersea Park 1987

A year later London's hip hop community returned to Battersea Park for another Capital Radio Venture Day.






London's Finest by Smart Arts




Hip Hop Alliance by DVA                                                                                                                       DVA (Da Velvet Agents)






Old Kent Road

A short bus trip from Elephant & Castle would bring you to this set of abandoned warehouses. This site was popular for south London writers in the mid to late 80s. They were demolished in about 1990.



Tuf Arts, Ruf ?? ~1987                                                                                                        ??


?? Tuff Arts?? 


Ruf & ??                                                                                                                               unfinished by unknown



Cash  ~1987



Neat ~1988                                                                                                                           Orgasm by Rough (from Mikster071 Flickr)



Cash 1988                                                                                                         Neat 1988


South Rocks by Spraze, Seek, Dane, Ruf (Rough) ~1988.



VOP - Rough & Stylo                                                                                                  VOP

Above 2 photos linked from Soul Safari's Flickr account -

Grove Park



2 Nasty - Tuff Arts


  ?                                                                                                                                          Crymean




photos from Crime For Minds Flickr -

 Other pieces

TDK billboard by T-Kid (New York) at Lambeth.

 Mike Allen interviewing T-Kid during his visit (sorry about the quality) -


Solid Cut Records by Dare, Fiasko, Lerk 1988 - Deptford high Street. A commission for the BBC drama series "South Of The Border".



Unseen Untold exhibition - 1989. Southwark. - Check & Snatch being interviewed.                            .



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