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Walls - Early days




Walls - Early days




Maybe the title of this page is incorrect as there are a few pictures on this page from the early 90's but what's for certain is the early London graffiti scene centered around the Ladbroke Grove area of West London and the weekend meet up spot at Covent Garden. 

Weetabix advert by Artful Dodger, ~1984     - pic from Old Skool72 -



Mode 2 & Scribla on The No.73 show.                                                                      Artful Dodger on Network 7.



TCA graffiti on The Lenny Henry show by Scribla



Pride & Scribla of The Chrome Angelz (TCA) on Pebble Mill. ~ 1985                                                       



Style by Pride TCA                                                                                             Freestyle 85 was a hip hop event held in Covent Garden in 1985.   


          17freestyle85-f4b by you.

                                                                                                                                  Survive by Mode 2 for Freestyle 85 exhibition. 



Tough Arts - Plazz & Drome 2 - 1987                                                                clips from various programmes


Street Entertainers by Bando - photo from Pac's photobucket -



Run The World piece by Starlite Rockers, Eze 74 & Data 27- opposite Green Park station 1986.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden was an early meeting site for London writers.  It died down in about 87 and was started up again in 1990 but didnt last long. 




Zulu by Scribla                                                                                                            Shock Shack by Mode2

From Mode 2 interview -

What was your first piece - where was it? Did you do it alone?
“I don't know whether or not it was a couple of banners that I was helping Scribla to paint for the Alternative Arts Street Entertainers Festival of '84 in Covent Garden, OR the "Shock-Shack" piece I did by myself along the hoardings of the Royal Opera House... We used raw canvas for the banners and found out, the hard way, how not to use spray paint on a porous surface. As for "Shock-Shack", the piss take I was getting was, "Yeah, nuff arrows on that!", plus doing your first outlines in permanent markers is not advised...”



Canman & Snake                                                                                                                                


Dynamite                                                                                                                  Bad Style

Proms by Scribla



Devious                                                                                                                                      TBS - Trail Blazers (TCA)




Chrome Angelz Elite



TCA by Scribla                                                                                  



At the 80s Covent Garden meeting.                                                       Drastic by Bando




 T Kid character by Mode 2. 



T Kid





Jubilee by Pride TCA






Pride, TCA

 Goldbourne Road. - The Pit

Londons best known hall of fame.



                                                                                                      Style, Hang 71 & Mel


Love by Rio 2                                                                                            Nonstop / All Star Kings



Dutch, London Giantz


King 63 [Form] & Zone 1, London Giantz


Juski 101, London Giantz


Shame 181 - London Giantz


?                                                                                                         All Star kings


  Ice 3 by you.         

Graf by Ice 3                                                                                  Cry For The City by Da Velvet Agentz (DVA), Glory, Stef, Hitch, Shine



                                                                                                       All Star Kings / Nonstop





above pic linked from Strictly Kev's Flickr - go here to see larger versions -


 jump 2 / Chris                                      "It's time For War", Urban War" by Nonstop

Giants R Stars by Jap 302, London Giantz


"ASK" by Rush, Roc by Prime                                                                                                             Nonstop


All Star Kings / Nonstop







   moregrafpics2585pl-4a4 by you.      stateofart8lb-f7d by you.



        wayne1wz-5b9 by you.

Scam Stupid Fresh by Scam                                                        Wayne


just9ia-835 by you.         ink211re-af0 by you.

Just                                                                                        Ink27





Rio 2

State Of Art, Nonstop.






State Of Art by you.       soa9rt-82f by you.



Tuff Times by Cazbee53, Da Sure Shots.



Nonstop, as featured in the book Spraycan Art.                                                         Hell Raizers by Prime





Dukes by Foam 


Dukes by Foam


Atomic Style by Rich & Rage of No Limitz crew (NLZ), 1987.




stylebyprime8xr-9e3 by you.   

Style by Prime


Crack by Rio 2







Rich & Rage


 rich20wildstyle20grove20876tr-4ca by you. by you.

Rich, NLZ                                                                                          Rage, NLZ




Characters by Seize






Cazbee                                                   - from Cazbee's Flickr -


Cazbee 53, Da Sure Shots, (DSS) 1987. One of Londons most classic pieces.



Dukes by Foam, Cold Crush Dukes



                                                                                                                         Rich - No Limitz crew.


Rich, NLZ


 Ebony by you.         Choice by you.

Choice by Rough

Sir Prime, 


Help                                                                                                  Mint

  Ashlee by rel?ganja by you.       Keen by you.

Ashlee by Ganja                                                                                                    Keen & Check


One Love - Ganja


Keen Skire

Skire by you.    Ganja by you.

Skire                                                                                                    Ganja

KTC by you.    

KTC (Koast To Coast)                                                                                             AWE 


Drax WD 1990.



Slice by Keen                                                                                                          KTC by Info


 Blame by you.      Karen by Info by you.

Blame                                                                                                                        360 Clic, Karen (for his cousin) by Infoe, KTC 1990

Oshan by you.   

Oshan 1991                                                                                            Pulse


Seth KOA by you.     

Seth 1, KOA (Australian)                                                                                         



Trelick Towers by Nonstop Arts


   Worlds end wall by Non Stop & No Limitz at Trellick Towers, Ladbroke Grove, 1987 by you.       moregrafpics2646yv-efa by you.


  moregrafpics2636uv-ed1 by you.       





to see hi-res large version of above go to

from Andymag's flickr -

    Trellick by you.

Wayne by Rio 2



Power Kaos by Prime, 1988. - near Latimer Road


Stop by UK artists, as seen in Spraycan Art


Surface by Skam & Sketch (from Copenhagen) - this was near the M41



Paradox by Paradox & The Krew                                    Known 2b Down by Scam & Demo (Cade / Crame ) - The Tabernacle




State Of Art, Nonstop                                                                                                      News clip about writers causing a crime wave in the Grove area.



Crazy carnival by Snake & Ariane                                                                                                         Style by Scam



Scam, Brim, Drone, Bando & Mode 2






Character by Mode 2                                                                                               Brim & Scam painting, from Bombing.



Crime by Bando  Drome by Drome 2                                                                                            Brim from New York


Brim Bio, TAT, 1985


Bad by Pride & Scam, painted for the Good Meaing Bad documentary - 1987





 "Westway Sports Centre" by ???

Spray Saint & Ninja



Acklam Play Centre


NonStop Arts - Acklam play centre by you.           Saga - Acklam play centre ~ 1987 by you.

Non Stop Arts ~ 1988                                                            Saga


Stop by Rage (- photo from Racee)


Seize & 

Infoe, KTC


Foam & Kast, CCD - 1989.


Len                                                                                                                        Skore 204

Ten, Fiasko, West London by Chase

The Westway


Futura 2000, the first Graf to get done in the UK 1981. Photo from Scam. The Ling piece above is also by Scam



?                                                                                                                                                         Static by Nonstop



Nonstop Art                                                                                             Rekless by Scam                  



Scam, Rek Rock                           


Mare 2 & Jem




Free The Spirit



Free The Spirit -  (from Racee)                                                                                                                     Cras by Judge (Rio 2)


 ?                                                                                                                                 ?



 Scam, 3 Time                                                                                                         Sure Thing by Jap 302



Funky by Cazbee


Angelz - The Chrome Angelz        




State Of Art, Nonstop                                                                                                                                              Sane



Enigma                                                                                                                                                          Sudden Impact by Nonstop


Sudden Impact by Nonstop Arts, 1987 - photo DJ Catch



Nonstop painting the Sudden Impact wall under the Westway.



Rio 2 (photo by Merc)                                                                                       Rio 2 , Demo (photo from Racee )            




Ice 3                                                                                                                                                  Ice 3



NLZ                                                                                                       Rio 2


DSS - Da Sure Shots (photo from Racee )


Acine & Justice (?) - (photo from Racee )



Surf by Scam                                                                                                                               Graffiti by Justice


Another photo of Scam's Surf piece.



better picture of that graffiti piece.                                                                                                



Sweet                                                                                                                    ??


Class, Rage



Rich, NLZ                                                                                                  


 Justice by Justice (Rio 2)




Foam, Coma, Cazbee                                                                                                                    Cazbee



Foam, Cazbee, Coma




                                                                                                                            "Known  to be down" by Scam.



Funk by Rio 2                                                                                                          Def Not Dumb









Prime, WRH, THR                                                                          Coma    - (photo Mr Met )


Crome by Rio 2



Lisa by Rel (Ganja)



Blast by Scam                                                                                                                                                           Risk Jamo



Earl, HKA                                                                                                                        Hope



Taran, HKA

Mad Ethnics - Scam & Seize






Character by Seize, Hate by Hate, Zoe by Scam, Mad Ethnics 



Hate by Hate, character by Seize                                                                                                                              Zoe by Scam, MEC - Mad Ethnics crew



Eyes by Zaki



?                                                                                                                                       Jon 156 



Koma                                                                                                                               Hate



Inner City Nomads


Mad Juvenilles by T.O.P.



Creater by Cre 8                                                                                                        Hate. 1987


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