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Tubes 85 - 87.

Tubes 1988

Tubes 89

Tubes 1990

Tubes 91

Tubes 1992 - mid 90s

Tubes Mid 90s - 2000

Tubes 2000 - 2013


Stories / Interviews


Walls - Early days




Tubes 91






RCS by Acrid                                                                                                                  Chase by Cherish



Mear, VOP


better pic from Coze's flickr 


Era, Coze, Soge






The                                                                                                                              Knife


Chaser by Cherish



Dreph, SNC, BNB






Chaseism by Cherish                                                                                                                                                  Fame



Sez by Sez & Fiasko, Kers (unfinished) by Kers , Essent by Cherish - Barking






Essent by Cherish



Essence by Cherish - Barking.



?, Tera, Mear



Deek                                                                                                                           Caed ?






Sel                                                                                                                                          Rager ?



Amp                                                                                                                                         Amp



Whize by Shoom Puk by Puk (Soge)


 Denise by Bap                                                                                                                Dreph




Dm (Dream) by Era                                                                                                        Caen , Zeg


Caen by Shoom                                                                                                             Zeg by Soge


Diner (from Finland)                                                                                                 Corps, Poker

Dise, Color



Clearism by Cherish

Regret, Eine


Wholecar by More (R.I.P.), Cash &  Sike (Mad Bastards - MBS) from Newcastle in Farringdon.



Video in Farringdon.                                                                                                              More (R.I.P), MBS



Acrid  -                                                                            Fuel


Acrid outline



Clar by Cherish



AD by Acrid  - from                                                   Ciroko by Cherish



Druid by Fuel                                                                                                                             DNA by Felt



Denise by Bap                                                                                                                     RCS by Acrid



Sel                                                                                                                                   Beingz by Dreph, BNB


Coze                                                                                                                                  Choke, RCS

Isore, Chaser


Nu Age by Fuel pulling into Hammersmith sheds - thanks Matt


Secret, TRC, Karl, Spice by Cherish, Carl 123 & Spice.



Acrid & Cherish, Hammersmith                                                                                       Infected By The Germs  Of Life - Drax - click to enlarge 



On Da Run by Loomit, Shiners by Drax



RCS by Acrid, RCS


Story from Acrid about how RCS came to battle PFB. - in early summer RCS were everywhere,we had a no. of writers who were all city,pieces running on all lines,we could go into any yard and we bringing new writers through...the long and short of this is that everyone was talking about rcs,which got drax's back up(but he couldn't really do anything with wd,because firstly he had been bagged and secondly his crew was made up of older guys who weren't really up for a battle)so what he did was put pfb together out of sbs,tkz,cws and a few others to take out rcs,but this wasn't going to work because rcs was on it big time.basically drax was jealous of our fame and thought if he dogged us we would do nothing about it....another incident further inflamed drax/elk,drax started a writers bench down convent garden on saturdays,i wasn't really down with going down there as it was mostly writers who chatted shit about how much they were(n't!) doing and it was a waste of a gd racking day.however one day thought i would go down there with my photo album to wind them up!!!!!so i goes down there,there is about 50 heads down there bumpkin,west london  n loafers(no offence) i start showing my photo album this is this piece at so and so yard etc.etc.,then we goes down to mcdonalds on charing x rd.someone pipes why dont rcs battle pfb,so i says pfb cant even battle me so how can they battle rcs,this upsets them!!!i get rushed but come out unscathed,no bruises,not a scratch.this is the truth about rcs v. pfb   as god as my witness(you may of heard other versions!!!)



Karl by Karl 123,  Cerok by Cherish



another shot of the Karl 123 piece.                                                                                         Guns by Fuel



Shoom, Meer, Tera


outline by Mear, VOP, KTC






Roz, Elk


Germ Warfare by Drax,  photo from



Geri by K.Jac  (thanks to Score for these 2)                                                                                                                      K.Jac


Beingz by Dreph                                                                                                                      Crisper by Cherish

Fixer & Felt





G Squad by Fuel                                                                                         Prime's mind by Prime - "I did it coz I had a loco-motive" 


Fuel, Prime


Utopia, Coze, Cliche by Cherish, Coze, Dreph.


running past Latimer Road

Carl 123, TPC





Gunz by Fuel                                                                                                                                            



Gym Roz



Gun One by Fuel


Grand, - Xmas 1991


Other Lines


District Line                                                                                                        


Efer                                                                                                                               Felt


Dice                                                                                                                                    Sinister, TRC by Cherish


Dreph                                                                                                                                                                                       Era





Acrid - Parsons 91                                                                                                                    Dream by Fuel


 Dice, Cherish


Charp ~ 1991 "Part of 2 whole cars, with Imase, Kab, Asia, Fend and some other people."- from

Cerok, Idea, Hank


Serok by Cherish       





Deas, SAS

Merry Christmas Y'all!



No Amount Of Buff Can Clense Our Souls Xmas  whole train by Cherish & Karl 123 - screen grab off Steel Injection


Central Line



Woodford yard, Central line.                                                                                              Acrid, RCS 



Santa by Cherish                                                                                                                                                     Acrid



More, MBS



"Riot Style" Acrid in Lougton with Fugi - leave a comment at




Diner from Finland                                                                                                                  Rhea by Cherish



Cord, TM (Transit Mafia)                                                                                             Acrid, RCS 



Pat, Lynch Mob                                                                                                            Den by Bap


Chaser by Cherish

Masicre, Heist


Regret, Cherish


Trok                                                                                                                                         Tern


Lost, APN





Note, RCS                                                                                                                             Fret, RCS



                                                   Clever by Cherish


Erok, Spot by 204, TRC - Loughton, 1991


T.Funk On Da Run by K.Jac, TRC



S. 204                                                                                                                                        K-Jac



Norte                                                                                                                                              Felt



MBS (Mad Bastards) by Selfish (More?)                                                                                     Magic by Cherish                                    


 Ecstacy by Cherish


Felt                                                                                                                                        Fixer


Clever by Cherish, 1991


Outline for Clever piece above.


Clever top to bottom seen from inside a central. Fiasko insides stains.                                                   Rhea by Cherish


P Jay, Joe, Amp





cleva  by you.          chaser  by you.

Cleva by Cherish                                                                                                Chase by Cherish


Cherish, Koze


cherish  by you.         

Cherish in action on a TTB                                                                     Rase by Cherish


Northern Line


Acrid - Golders Green  -                Abstract piece by Acrid - Golders Green



Abstract piece by Acrid - Edgware                                                                                 


Victoria Line


Acrid - Cockfosters                                                                                                        SAS by Deas



Forge                                                                                                                   Regret


Genocide by Cherish, Acrid by Acrid - Brixton.




Genocide by Cherish



Picadilly Line



RCS by Masicre                                                                                      RCS by Mace, RCS by Acrid


Cherish & Cord from catch's Flickr -



Charp, Asia                                                                                                                         Imase





Erotic, APN                                                                                                                             More, MBS




Cliche (Dreph)                                                                                                                      Regret




Sez                                                                                                                                       Fan

Julia by ?, Amen

Carl, Cherish


Acrid, Neasden - Jubilee line 91                                                                                                Acrid, Metropolitan line

Wash Rok by Elk -1991


Cherish (without outline), Era


Clever by Cherish (completed), Era - 1991 - near Barking.



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