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Walls - Early days




Tubes 89




BIG MET 1989

The early part of 1989 saw some real heavy output by Kast, Mise, Jon & Shok.


John by Jon, Mize by Mize.


Mize by Mize


Mize again


Raska by Raskal


Caster by Kast CCD -January 1989.


Mize, January 1989


Another shot of that Mize piece passing through Harrow-On-The-Hill.


Pizza by Kasa


Tim by Sulk,  John by Jon sitting in Rickmansworth yard, 1989.


BYB (Bad Young Brothers), SHOK,  MISER,  TWT (The Wingy Two), window down wholcar by Shok & older brother Mise. -1989.

Kaster, Cold Crush by Kast, Cold Crush Dukes (CCD). "No dope, no hope"


Shok by Shok



BTP photo of that Shok piece.                                                                                  Shok 89 "Sorry felt sick"


Eneme by Eneme, Cope by Cote on the same train as the Shok & Kast Cold Crush pieces.


Eneme by Eneme


Cope by Cote


Stain from a Mize piece


Steam by Steam TU


Character from that Steam piece.


TFG (Trouble From the Grove),  FOAM,  KAST,  CCD (Cold Crush Dukes) running through Croxley station on the Watford line of the Big Met.


Foam CCD. The bloke looking out the door is not BTP but a Big Met writer who wrote Asteriks.


Clearer shot of that Cast straight letter.



Shok by Shok


Mise by Mise 1989.



Kast                                                                                                    Cote




Look by Kasa


Steamer by Steam TU,  Cast by Kast CCD sitting at Uxbridge station on the Big Met, 1989.




Dedication to Tilt, Coma, Nice & Huz who had a big court case in 1989. Tilt got sent down for 2 years.


More shots of that Cast piece.



Radicals by Acrid & Mace, RCS                                                                  RCS piece inside a Big Me by Mace


Scoe by Fiasko TRC


Fiasko piece getting buffed at Neaden yard depot.




Skore 204, TRC & Eneme on an East London Line.


Mist from up north on a mission with Skore & Eneme to New Cross yard on the East London Line.



Akrid by Acrid RCS on the East London Line. There was also something on the other side of this train which you can just see over the top of the windows.


Rasta by Ganja (Rel), Mise by Mise.



Mise piece running.                                                                                                                       Crobe



Shok                                                                                                                                       Shok

Foam,. Kast, Cold Crush Dukes - top to bottom wholecar done in Wembley sheds, Easter 1989. They did the Foam & Kast panels one night then went back the next night as the train was still in the sheds and did the Cold Crush Dukes bit over the top. There was a Kasa thing on the train too.



Foam, GVB = Great Visible Bombers an Amsterdam crew Foam was in.




Wholecar running past Northwick Park on the Big Met 1989.


CCD  wholecar sitting in Neaden waiting to be buffed. Photo by BTP.


Another BTP photo in Neasden.


Top to Bottom by Shok.



Kis 42 & Voidski 


Shok, Tame & Jon pieces on a Big Met passing through North Harrow on the Watford line. 1989.


Shok by Shok


Better shot of that Shok piece.


Rame, Level by Jon.



Another shot of that Level piece by Jon. Jon looking out the window.


AD by Acrid RCS


unfinished Busk & Acrid





Lie                                                                                                                                 Jon




TU by Steam


Kast, Shok                                                                                                                                        Kasa




Next to the above Shok piece a Haze piece by Kast CCD.


Haze by Kast CCD.


Jon piece.  UE in the piece was a crew Jon started in 1989. It stood for Undercover Elephants.


 Lie by Lie next to the Jon piece above                                                                       BTP by Shok?

Kote. I think there was a Hazel piece by Jon next to this.


UK Roc Kasa


Waste by Waste, Dole by Stash, Fiasco by Fiasko.


Dole by Stash, GBS


Fiasko, TRC, GBS

Steam, TU


Norty, Kaysa, Voak pulling into Farringdon station.




Kaysa by Kaes.


Araba by Ganja


Acrid throw up.

? & Eneme


Mone by Mist - unfinished                                                                                         Siege, FMA - character by Daz


Hopa TU




Kast CCD


Kast , I think this was next to the Hopa piece above.


unfinished Shok


Steam, Diet



Mise again - "God they still havn't caught me"






Kast CCD, next to the Jon piece above.




BTP photos.



Stash, GBS                                                                                                                          Sens





Norty, GBS


Sigher, TRC - Done in Neasden 

outline by Sigher, TRC




Suezan by Mise in Rickmansworth.




Peble by Peble (Karl 123). Done in Ricky 2 alley with the Oman piece above.


Sitting in Rickmansworth this was Karl 123's first tube.




Kast CCD



Kaes GBS



 Norty, GBS





Jise by Jist                                                                                                                         Nik by Nik


Shok, Jon, Nik panels.


Shoc by Shok







Fiasko insides


Avek, TU


GBS by Kaes, GBS (Ghetto Blasters) was Kaes, Stash, Lerk, Fiasko, Norty, Mase, Waste plus others.


Steam & Sae in Rickmansworth




Kast panel pulling out from Wembley sheds..  


More of Kasts photos of that piece.




Unfinished Shok


Krazer, Mise



Mise by Mise.

Around early summer of 1989 Mise died of a heart attack while playing sport. MISE R.I.P.


Robbe by Jon. A tribute to Mise RIP



Sae, TU                                                                                                                            Steam, TU







Big met tags                                                                                                          Graham Brooker from Graffiti Management Limited.

VIDEO CLIP - Summer of 89 LRT had a crack down on graf on the Metropolitan Line. They hired a company called Graffiti Manegement Limited to tidy the line up and to help gather evidence against writers. A bloke called graham brooker spent all day riding the line taking photos of tags or trying to take photos of us hanging about together. these photos were used by BTP as evidence in peoples court cases. As a result of the crackdown along with the death of Mise caused the big Met graf scene to calm down in late 89.


?? TU & Concept unfinished in Rickmansworth


unfinished Steam


Unfinished Kast piece after a raid.



                                                                                               Outline for unfinished Kast piece in Rickmansworth above.



An idea of how it might of looked if finished.



unfinished Rel piece



Unfinished Rel piece in Rickmansworth.                                                            Outline for that Rel piece.






Deter, Major                                                                                                                            Osk



In late 1989 a bunch of writers had been hanging around drinking at Croxley and had gone to ride the line. Daniel Erdwin died when he tried to surf the roof of a Metropolitan Line tube running southbound between Moor Park & Northwood. He was hit by a bridge and knocked onto the tracks, he died later in hospital.  Zone - Rest In Peace


Mase - from Mase's Flickr -                                                          Elk & Acrid


Merry Xmas by Kaes & Mase

Other Lines

District line


Dusc                                                                                                                       bush bombing at West Ham - photo Skire



Tase, CBK                                                                                                                             RCS by Acrid



Steam, TU                                                                                                                                                                              Ganja, TU



Jubilee line


Steam TU & Hopar TU pieces on a Jubilee sitting in Stanmore yard at the north end of the Jubilee line.


Hopa by Hopa TU. Hopa later wrote Noza and joined KTC (Koast To Coast).



Total Kaos by Froe, TKS (Total Kaos)  - photo from Drift 27                                               Fokus, TKS


Tube 203, TKS







Diet                                                                                                                 Unfinished Kast


Central & Northern Lines





RCS by Mace, 1989.                                                                        Acrid




Science, APN






RCS by Acrid                                                                                                        Norf by Net 1, SAS


Sigher, TRC                                                                                                           


De-Fi, TRC


Tase, CBK



Acrid                                                                                                                                               Mes, Frae, Event, Rate tags.      


Phed                                                                                                                  Knife, 


Mace, RCS                                                                                                             Frae & ??

Picadilly & Vicoria Lines


Fiasko                                                                                                                              Eneme & Diet



RCS by Acrid - done in Uxbridge.                                                                                          Zone, NHS & Mover, NHS


Teaser                                                                                                              Jon



Little Mets


Acine, Cold Crush Dukes,  Phome by Acine & Foam 2, CCD - done in G on a day time trip. 



Top To bottom by Ganja, ACR, TU                                                                   from Phed's Flickr -   



Alphabet window down wholecar by Drax, WD passing through Barbican station.                                click to see large image @ drax's Flickr page


Masika & Rocs pieces done in Farringdon. 


Rase R.I.P. Evil by Acrid, RCS



AD by Acrid, RCS


Phome by Foam,  Kasta by Kast  - Cold Crush Dukes



Slighty better photo of the Kasta piece above.                                                                                     



Dioe                                                                                                                               ? Pae by ?


Sire, TRC


Series                                                                                                                        Mise


Grand, YDS

Storm by Noise 207


Storm by Prime                                                                                                                         Prime outline





Foam, CCD - George Murphy Flickr


Foam, CCD & Ganja, TU


Fameism by Fame


                         Outline for the Fame piece above 



?? Series                                                                                                                                      


Sire by Sigher, TRC                                                                                                   Tase, CBK


  Skool                                                                                                                                                  RCS by Acrid



     Busk, AAK


Terry Katya by Grand, YDS                                                                                                                                                           



Fugi                                                                                                                           Acrid


Rane, BDS                                                                                                                                Hopa


Ganja                                                                                                                           Crobe






                                             Drax, WD - click to enlarge photos @ Drax's Flickr page.                                                            Early Cherish



RCS by Acrid                                                                                                                      AD by Acrid


Robbo, WRH insides                                                                                                                Fuel, CCD & Mes insides



Raz                                                                                                                                           Able 214 sticker



Series, SBS                                                                                         Acrid, RCS



Fiasko, TRC                                                                                                                     Sire, TRC


One of Cherish's earliest tubes.                                                                                                 Spasm


Troopa (Tera)  & Fame




Cherish Top to bottom on the same train as the Troopa & Fame TTBs.


 Stupid                                                                                                                Ganja




Rocs, RCS                                                                                                                  Masika, RCS


? & Maeo

Louise by Tram


Hopa                                                                                                                                   unfinished Foam


Earn by Keen, AWE - XMAS 89                                                                       Acrid, RCS   - Xmas 89


Happy Birthday Jesus by Check & Pusher, done in Farringdon -

Marlon by Shuto & Excel, NWA. A memorial piece done at Moorgate.



Drax & Robbo's Xmas 89 window down wholetrain done at Moorgate. this photo was taken by a journalist and appeared in national papers & TV news.




                                                                                                                                                                             From drax's Flickr - click to enlarge





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