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Tubes 85 - 87.





Tube map from 1986


Metropolitan Line AKA The Big Met

The Metropolitan Line was one of the first to attract graffiti, the fact that it largely ran above ground and the ease of the rural depots meant it attracted those who wanted to recreate that New York feel. The big seats with large hidden away panels and plenty of empty carriages attracted taggers. Harrow-On-The-Hill station became the logical place to watch your name go by and a regular writers bench became established at the end of the north bound platforms. 


Set 3 & Elf throw ups. Early names on the big met.


Tilt & Coma getting buffed.                                                                        Coma



Tilt, Ran (Cast), Reme & Coma bombing.                                                      The cleaners at Neasden get to work.



Dsire, Deino                                                                                                      Tilt - from


Car                                                                                                                                                      Ran (Cast)



Set 3                                                                                                                                                                       Bos


Excel, NWA 




Ran throw up getting buffed.                                                                                                        Kis 42 throw up.

Set 3, Ran



Ink 27 (Rio / Justice) - big thanks to Mark for sending me this.                                                                                                                           Set 3



Top 1, Set 3, Ran, Tilt + others 1986


Set 3


Ran (Cast) at Harrow On the Hill                                                                                       Set 3 & Ran throw ups running

Nice 1


Hyde by Hyde


Kis 42, Sirius, Hyde                                                                                                        Shot 1

Claire by Set 3


Kez                                                                                                                         Envy


Mal by Jano, CD


Coma, DLZ, Kingz Of the Met 




Ink 27 (Justice, Rio 2)  Part of a whole train done at Rickmansworth in 1986.   

  Nice 1,  Abuse 87






Tilt                                                                                                                                                           Kis 42


Rad                                                                                                                                               Coma



Kis 42                                                                                                                                                      Tuf, Hit N' Run

above  pics from Cade North Side


Tilt                                                                                                                                 Coma


Rock the Met Like This by Set 3

Tilt 1986



Rio 27 ? & ?


Kis 42 piece & Sir Beau throw ups.

Noize, TVZ (Transit Vandalz)


Ran, another name Cast used to write. Part of  Sir Ran Rocks LRT window down wholecar.



Coma, Rem, Cast    



Foam                                                                                                  Sage by Kis 42                                                                                            



List, USM                                                                                                                                     Cre8 & Sir Beau



Rise & Adic                                                                                                                              Sirius & Kis 42


Tilt, Diode

Tilt piece from about 1986. the dedication next to it reads "Tilt your hat with respect" & on the other side is a dedication to Lou, who I think was a female writer going out with Tilt at the time.   Lou used to get up with another female writer called Kan D.
Tilt got a 2 year prison sentence (he was 21 at that time) in 1989 after a few writers got caught due to BTP raiding the house of some guy making a documentary about graf and finding photos of Tilt and others tagging.


Mane                                                                                                                                       Paul by Dusk

(Thanks to Rise for the above 6 photos.)



Kis 42, Cre 8  - from Comp's Flickr -                             Envy, Kez


Bos by Set 3 Feb 1987 by you.        Ran by Cast 1986 by you.

Bos (Set 3) 1986                                                                                                                          Ran (Cast) 1986



Tilt                                                                                                                                         Sirius, CD


Kis 42


Bus 1                                                                                                                      Cen


Dusc & Mane, Met Mob



Merk, ACR   -done at New Cross, 1987                                             Merky Xmas by Merk, ACR - East London Line rather than Metropolitan Line.


Rome, ACR



Cheeba by Kis 42                                                                                                                     



Coma                                                                                                                   Coma piece being buffed at Neasden.



 Another shot of that Coma piece.                                                            



Kis 42 & Tilt unfinished pieces.                                                                                     unfinished D-Sire



unfinished kis 42 piece                                                                                                          unfinished Kast piece. 


Jano apr 1987 by you.        Set 3 Apr 1987 feat woodend boys by you.

Jano, CD - 1987                                                                                                         Set 3 - 1987


Pink DSM apr 1987 by you.

Pink, DSM  - 1987

above 3 pics - Obtained by Jano CD from Bud R.I.P's cousin KUTE
Better quality photos will appear in Kute's forthcoming book about the gangs of West London.

Mags by Kez



Revenge by Coma                                                                                                                       Bus One, New Wave Arts (East London Line done at New Cross)



Krush by Coad 5, ACR. Done in Uxbridge roundabout easter time 1987. Along with the Rebelz Rock Dudes window down wholecar by Merk & Crude.




Rebelz Rock by Merk



 Rock by Merk                                                                                                          Dudes by Crude



Set 3                                                                                                                                        Jano & Bud 


Jeny by Rel                                                                                                                   SE Rocs by Charp



Jeny br Rel                                                                                                                      Crame 125, 1987 (thanks to Rise for these 2)



D-Sire, CD                                                                                                                  D-Sia & Cre-8


Kis 42, 1987


Hammersmith & City / Circle Line AKA The Little Met.

The "Little Mets" as they became known, were popular with writers due to their large flat sided carriages with panels to piece on, this gave them more of a "New York" feel than the more rounded type of tube train on lines such as the Central & Northern. The line also had sections that ran above ground and through the Ladbroke Grove area which had early on established itself as the centre of London wall graffiti. As a large number of writers in and around London would regularly visit this area it seemed a good option for people to have their name on the trains serving those stations.

A clean Little Met about to pull into Paddington station on the Hammersmith & City line.



Ink 27 (Justice, Rio 2) sitting at the Edware Rd sidings.                                                                                           Ink 27, Hate, Pain 73 (Foam), Cazbee tags

Cane 1, Nonstop Arts                                                                                                                                 SM by Scam
Deck by Prime, WRH, THR                                                                                                     Crash
Reckless by Doze, We Rock Hard (WRH).


Starz by Robbo

Fuel, ITC - Parsons 1986


Polo 2, Dam                                                                                                                          


?                                                                                                                                       Bus, Shuto ?


Crazy by Prime                                                                                                                 Rel

Fuel, ITC (Inter-Crime)                                                                                                                  Fued, ITC - first mission to Parsons
early Fuel outline
Urge (Polo 2), AKS

Bus 1, Fume, Shutu, Car 138, Urge
Fuel by Fuel, Cop posing in front in G.


Supreme by Prime

Noize 207, NWA (New Wave Artz)                                                                                                 Robbo
Don, UBG (Urban Gangsterz)
Rome, ACR (All City Rebelz)                                                                                                        Rome, ACR

Andie by Seize, So Tuff Crew
      Bus                                                                                                                                      knet?

Doze, WRH                                                                                                                                  Jemima by Choci, WRH
Fame by Crude
City Boy by Coad 5, ACR
Dukes Crush by Fuel, CCD

Mr  Fued or Feum
Skate by Scate                                                                                                                         Rel by Rel (Ganja)

part of "Classic" piece by Fuel, done at Moorgate, 1987.                                                    Sneek by Noise 207
 Mister Merc by Merc, ACR

Outline for Mister Merk piece by Merc


Kold Krush Dukes

Fuelish  by Fuel                                                                                                              Bridge by  Fuel
Another shot of that Fuelish piece by Fuel.

Fuelish outline


Crame ?                                                                                                                            ?


Hate 12986 - Barking with Foam                                                                                Hate outline


Hate piece from Bad Meaning Good                                                                         Dodgy scan of a window down from Bad Meaning good.



?                                                                                                                                  Json by Envy

Deode by Deode, Rel by Rel, Sel by Shuto


Another shot of the Rel & Shuto pieces.



Cop by Cop ITC, Crush by Fuel  CCD, ITC.                                                      Fuel piece.



 Lucy by Fuel                                                                                                                      Rev, ITC

Cade, Rel, Flo 2

Bust by Flo 2, YDS                                                                                                         Reck 1

?                                                                                                                                    ?

Funky by Chane, YDS                                                                                                              Time by Rel



 Rome, ACR                                                                                                                         Cae 1 by Crame (Demo, Cade) 


Rocin by Rel                                                                                                                             Stash by Foam


Cazism by Cazbee.


Chrome San Mac window down wholecar on the Little Met in 1987.


Mac by Seize part of the window down wholecar above.                                                  Crame


Hate - Barking 1987 - unfinished                                                                                Hate - farringdon 1987 - unfinished


YDS                                                                                                                                                Mint

Excel 502



Hate & Foam, G Yard, 1987  - thanks to Hate for these photo



Train jam 1987.



Mean                                                                                                                                                  Fuel



Hater by Hate, Moorgate 1987

Funki by Coad 5, ACR


Crush by Fuel, CCD.



Another view of  this Fuel piece. Photo taken by Skire.                                                                                          Character by Seize


Flo 2, Fued, Reck - thanks for the photo


Master by Prime



 Splat by Fuel                                                                                                                Tram, Stop

Foam by Foam, Snyper by Prime


Karst by Cast


Another view of that Cast piece.



outline by Hate


Hate by Hate, Mad Ethnics Crew


C. Rok by Coma, next to the Hate piece above.


T Kaize Train by Grand


unfinished Maks & Foam pieces - photo Comp


Cheeba Wizards by Scate & Floe 2

Waki Races by Scate


Hate 1987                                                                                                                  Hate 1987 - Moorgate or Farringdon

Living On A Prayer - 2 wholecars by Rel                                                       



Robbo, first Aldgate mission.                                                                            Love by Rel      



Other Lines



Central Bad Inc.(CBI) - Loughton - 1984/85                                                                    Bones, CBI

Robbo WRH



Jus' Def by Urge                                                                                                                                                                     Fun 42, Robbo 484


Set 3

Rocin Da City by Robbo 


Rocin The City                                                                                                      Cane 1 & Time tags.


Rocin The City, NSA by Cane 1, Nonstop Arts


Runnin-Scared-Hoodlum         Reputation-by-Rep1-AKS

Running Scared by Urge                                                                                         Reputation by Rep1, AKS



Pete by Urge

- above pics from Urges flickr -

Urgent by Urge


Set 3                                                                                                                                      Pursue ??

Cane 1

Don on an old Central




Sham 59                                                                     Chane

Rock by Robbo, WRH





Smak 2                                                                                                             Same

LID (Living It Daily) Carl, Seize, Chrome 307 & Arianne - Golders Green 1987

Rev, ITC 


Coap 2                                                                                                                Smak 2


Insane,  In 2                                                                                                                Karl


Robbo & ??

Set 3 wholecar, Xmas 1986, Picadilly at South Harrow

Them Incredible Rebels by Merc & Coad 5, ACR on a Picadilly




Rebelz by Rel, All City Rebelz (ACR)



Merc ACR on a Picadilly                                                                                                                               Reez



Yese, Hit n Run on a Jubilee                                                                                             Rak


Saga                                                                                                                        Sham




Rome, ACR



 Rite 1 panel next to Jano, from "Bad Meaning Good" documentary.          Jano straight letter from the 1987 "Bad Meaning Good" documentary. Done in Neasden.



Cheeba Kis by Kis 42 on the Bakerloo shown on Bad Meaning Good.


First ever top to bottom whole car done in London5, Stanmore, May 1986 by Coma & Tilt                     Test by Tilt


District Line


Check's 1st tube - 1984


Check 1985                                                                                                             Check 1985





Surfin USA by Nonstop Arts                                                                                                                                         Check - Xmas 86



NLZ, Rage by Rage No Limitz crew.                                                                                                              ?


Funky Love by Check, 1985 



Wanted by Rio 27 & Cazbee, 1986 



All Time Vandals by Check, Reds 27 & Race 23.



Kingz                                                                                                            Convince by Merc, 1987 - Upminster


Dome 1987, Upminster. - from Mercs MySpace page -



Don, Urban Gangsters - done at Acton in the day time                                                                                                                                        Don



3 Hand

Touch Of Class by Urge


Envy                                                                                                                                         Envy, Rel & others in Acton Town - 1986 - thanks to Envy for the photo

Sins by Rome, ACR & Coad  by Coad 5, ACR




Cazbee, DSS





Coma                                                                                                                           Goldie


Sure Shots, Enterprise - Rio 2                                                                                                 

Inter Crime (ITC) by Fuel??



Macs ITC                                                                                                                             Car 138




All City Rebels by ACR, Coad 5, Merc




Sach by Rome, ACR - 1987, Acton - Thanks to Rome for this                                                                             27 by  Redeem 27, Ealing Common, 1987



Kick 4 ??                                                                                             



Coma                                                                                                                                          Kast

Da Sure Shots (DSS) Roc by Cazbee

Frantic by Prime & ??. Same train as the Don One piece below


Don One by Don


Rome by Mister Eps.       

 Rome 1, ACR    - from                                                                            Rome 1, ACR



Race23 & ??#


Dome 1                                                                                                                                            Money by Fuel, CCD     

All City Rebels (ACR) by Merc & Coad 5

Ganja by Rel, 1987


Kash Money by Foam & Fuel of the Cold Crush Dukes CCD. The District window down wholecar that appeared on the Bad Meaning Good documentary. 



Couple more shots of the Kash Money piece.


Evil RIP November 1987

  This was the first graffiti related death in the UK. At the inquest there was some question as to whether John had been in the wall hole on his own or if someone had been in there with him and there was a chance he had been pushed. Some of the other boys present at the station that night disappeared (some along with their entire families) shortly before the inquest. Even so a verdict of death by misadventure was passed. I have the ITV local news item about this which I've posted a link to below.
A year after Evil's death Steam, Karm & Rase were doing a tribute piece for him in Neasden Yard when they were chased by BTP and Rase died when he fell onto the electrified rails.

Clip from the news about Evil's death in 1987.







Tough Artz - Plazz & Drome 2 (dodgy quality) ~ 1987



TCA on Pebble Mill.

 footage of tube party from 1987



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