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Walls - Early days




Tubes 1988




Some tubes from 1988.

An early Mise piece sitting in Uxbridge yard.


Chrome Master by Yese / Kasa


Sonic by Prime, PIC by PIC


Sonic by Prime.   


outline by Prime for Sonic piece

   PIC by PIC


Yese by Yeseye, Nasty by Mise - 1988

Yese by Yese


Nasty by Mise


Est 1 standing in front of an unfinished Prime piece which has just pulled up at the writers bench, Harrow- On- The-Hill station ~1988.

 A front on shot of that unfinished Prime panel. 

Next to the Prime, a nearly complete BDP (by Robbo ??).


On the next car to the Prime & BDP, a PIC chrome


Kis 42                                                                                                                                     Newave Arts by Shuto                                          



Noise 207                                                                                                                   



Early Jon piece.                                                                                                 unfinished Klue


Tuff & Kaned pieces pulling into Preston Rd station  - from BigMet86's Flickr -

Tuff (Dusk) 

 Kaned by Rask


I was told this said "King Kad" by Mise. An early wild style.


Another shot of that Mise wildstyle.



Lee, Yeseye wrote this before he became Kasa.


Hash, Coke & Shuto on a Big Met sitting in Uxbridge yard. ~1988



Rome by Mister Eps.

Rome 1, ACR      - from


Hit tag 


Happy Birthday Susan by Mise







Klue by Klue (Shok)                                                                                                          Jon




Zodiac - photo from Grafflix's Flickr @


Lee by Yese / Kasa.



unfinished Aroma, Rime                                                                                    unfinished Rime TU




Jon by Jon                                                                                                       Haze by Yese / Kasa


unfinished Co Co Cops by Funbox.


Mr Mise by Mise



Couple more shots of that Mr mise piece.



Haze by Kasa                                                                                                          Betty Boo. She used to hang around with Coma, Tilt etc.



Karl by Mise ??


Rask by Raskal


Rask - another shot.


Dye & Dawn 2 Big Met panels.




Dawn 2 from the DGT crew (Def Graphical Talent). This guy had loads of outsides on the Jubilees in 88.






Dusc in Rickmansworth.


Shok in Rickmansworth 2 alley.






Kast & Mise at Harrow-On-The-Hill waiting for their panels to pull in.


Kast & Mise photoed from the writers bench.


Kast & Mise pulling  out of Harrow-On-The-Hill station.


Kast, caught at Uxbridge station.


Haze Crown by Yese / Kasa.


Level 42 by Mise


Level 42 by Mise , Dusc by Dusc


Rock by Kasa


Hot by Kasa


Rank by Mise, Jon by Jon, Lie by Lie and Hot One by Kasa down the end there. Caught at North Harrow station.


Rank by Mise,  Jon by Jon

Hot One by Kasa/Yese


Kast & Rase.


Kast & Rase sitting at Uxbridge station.


Casa 157 by Kasa


Jon by Jon



Susan by Mise, next to the Jon piece above.


Steam TU




Kast - top to bottom at Rickmansworth


Kast piece sitting in Neasden waiting to be buffed. BTP photos.


"Another dream becomes reality" - detail from the Kast TTB.


Mise & Sulk Check It Out - another Rickmansworth mission.


Mise & Sulk window down wholecar running.

passing through Harrow-On-The-Hill.






A writer called Bliss was killed while surfing (hanging out the back or side of a moving train). He was hanging out the side but was hit by a signal box.


Bliss RIP                                                                                                                     YouTube - News clip



Steam, TU




Another piece for Mise's girlfriend Susan.


Shitty photo of a Casa panel


Jon - 




Shot of that Mise piece running. You see the start of a Jon piece next to it.





"The Untouchables" window down wholecar by Rime, TU (The Untouchables).


Mer, on the next car.


A Kast panel on the next car to that Rime piece.


More shots of that Kast piece 



Lou & Cre 8 getting buffed.


Steam throw up



Unfinished Rase piece running past the writers bench at Harrow-On-The-Hill station




Rask, Rase, Theme, Item & Fuz tags - Ruislip station on the Uxbridge line of the Big Met.


Mise piece next to the orange Kaster piece.


Kaster by Kast


Another shot of that Kast piece. I think there was an unfinished Rask piece on the end.


unknown piece from 1988



UK Ten by Kasa                                                                                                                     Sir 5











Rase & Steam

In November 1988 Gary Baxter AKA Rase died in Neasden depot after being chased by British Transport Police and falling onto the live rails. He had been with Steam & Karm, they were painting a dedication piece to Evil who had died a year earlier.



News of Rases's death at Neasden on 7th November 1988.



Rase's inquest


Rase R.I.P. by Steam, TU



Acrid's first tube piece - November 1988.                                                                           Cres & Drax, WD








Kasta CCD by Kast. Done in the 2s at Ricky.



 Jubilee Line & Bakerloo Line


Klue                                                                                                                                 Unknown


Tube 302 TKS on a Jubilee                                                           Steam Rase by  Steam TU on a Bakerloo.                                                                                            

Neet on a Bakerloo


Central Line & Northern Line

Scate, Central Line, 1988 - photo from Divadivayawl's Fotolog -


Theme & an unfinished Mise piece on an old Central in West Ruislip depot.


Mise on a Central


Greek                                                                                                                                        Greek


Art - Maze, Rone                                                                                                   Loughton, 2 window down wholecars by Keyer, Maze, Rone, Persue, Sneak & Lace


      Net                                                                                                                                       Rone


Drop 1


Nik                                                                                                                     Nik


Shaze, WD                                                                                                                             Jinks


Kuz 1                                                                                                     Drax, WD


Depth                                                                                                                                      Comp


Ram, Coe                                                                                                                                                    Coe, Rone

Drax & Drop 1 bombing on a Central 

Arbe, Net 1


Shot                                                                                                                         Pim 17


Acrid, RCS                                                                                                           Persue, CBK


Don on an old Central




Furra, WD, Drax  wholecar on a Central or a Northern



PIC                                                                                                                                             Doze, WRH

Cres, Stage and others bombing.

Picadilly Line

What Outline by Persue, Rone & Maze

TRS crew, South Harrow by Coap, Gaze, Cape, Capia, Net 1


Don                                                                                                                Blue 147


unfinished Anna piece by ?                                                                                unfinished Coast piece on a Picadilly

District Line 



Ganja                                                                                                                        Mint




Ganja TTB on a District



Event                                                                                                                                Scam doing a bit of breakin on a station platform.

Pac, Don, PIC

Little Mets 1988



Kaster  by Kast. - Moorgate, Feb 1988                                                                      Ruster by Cade / Crame / Demo,  - Moorgate, Feb 1988.



Secs by Rel, ACR (Ganja) - Moorgate, Feb 1988.


 Foam, CCD                                                                                                                                             Fuel


Robbo, WRH

Kid PIC, 


Foam,  CCD



Fuel, part of Flying Spraycan wholecar                                                                            Chane, YDS  throw up


Ice by Range, AKS by Urge (Polo 2) - Done in Barking.


Foamazing, CCDukes



Another part of the Foamazing piece by Foam 2, CCD  - anchor                                                                                   



Fuel, Foam done in G




Revolt by Prime                                                                                                         Crap photo of a Scate piece.



Quickie by Fuel - done in G with scraps - thank Matt                                                                                                                                              Shuto


Rhyme                                                                                                                   Rhyme from Amsterdam.




Beeja, WD                                                                                             Robbo,   Drax



Drax - click to enlarge @ Drax's Flickr



Drax from the piece above                                                                                   Mint


     foam 1988 by you.

Hate                                                                                                                             Foam


Grand, YDS                                                                                                                                                            


Zaper by Prime


Kid Pic by PIC

Robbo, Prime, PIC 


Hate                                                                                                                         Grand

Rhone, GVB & other unfinished pieces in Hammersmith sheds, 1988



unfinished Grand                                                                                                           York (from Amsterdam)

Fuel, CCD


Sir Prime, RTA, from Germany


Doze by Prime


Doze (by Prime} & Robbo, WRH



Ganja                                                                                                                     Kast

Kast, CCD




Drax, WD



RCS by Mace - Barking                                                                                                                                                      Fuel throw up

Rase R.I.P. Evil by Acrid, RCS                                             

Robbo, Choci


First showing of Wildstyle on UK TV. 


Fuel CCD - Xmas 1988.


another Fuel piece done at Xmas


Grand wholecar - Lee Terry Karen Two Years


Ganja TTB


       RELTRAIN by you.




Soul Train by Prime, WRH



Robbo & Prime WRH  in Aldgate , Xmas 1988.


Joiner of the Robbo part of that wholecar.


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